Our Mission:  Minimize Turbine Outage Time

At Turbine Master we realize that outage time is the single greatest cost power generators incur during turbine overhaul.  That's why we have devoted our entire resources to develop innovative, highly productive techniques to minimize unit downtime.  As a result, our average service time is now less than 80% of our competitors - and falling!  When power generators want fast, dependable turbine blasting and inspection services, they come to us.

 Our People Take Tremendous Pride in Their Work

Our skilled technicians strive to provide clients with the most memorable experience they have ever had.  We take great care not only in meticulously cleaning your turbine equipment, but also in leaving your workspaces neat and clean.  Time after time what our customers tell us is that they have never had a job done in a more expeditious and clean manner.

Turbine Master clients also appreciate the professional attitude and demeanor our people bring to every project.  Our crews arrive on time, prepared to perform all work that is scheduled with minimal delay.  Our professional dedication to duty not only reflects positively on Turbine Master, but also on the turbine overhaul company and the plant itself.

 Our Spirit of Service & Innovation

Like every successful company we began with a simple, yet powerful, idea - offering a better service.  After working in the turbine blasting field for nine years, our founder Warren (Al) Ragsdale, was confident that a large, unsatisfied demand existed for fast and efficient turbine services.  And so he created Turbine Master to satisfy that need.

Since completing just two projects thirty-one years ago, we have increased our sales and market share to become one of the five largest turbine blasting and inspection companies in the U.S.  Our success stems from our innovations in customer support, personnel management, site preparation, and material organization.  Unlike some turbine blasting companies, we continually encourage and reward our people to develop new time-saving methods.

Our motto always has been, and continues to be, total customer satisfaction.  We accommodate our customers' wishes to the best of our ability.  This includes rescheduling projects or performing additional unscheduled work on-site. (In case of emergency, we can begin projects in the contiguous U.S with as little as 48 hours notice.)

The net effect of all our innovations has been to dramatically decrease turbine service times, and consequently, to help maximize revenues for our power generation customers.