Contained Blast Cleaning Procedures

In order to establish a safe, clean, and efficient operation, Turbine Master inc. would appreciate your reviewing our standard operational procedure which we feel would be beneficial to our customers as well as to our company.

To expedite equipment set-up prior to blasting, the crew leaders would appreciate the following:

  • A complete scope of critical path of operations from the job engineers.
  • Locations of air hook-ups for blasting operations.
  • Locations of a 110 AC receptacle for a light.
  • 440 Volt receptacle wired by customer electrician for the dust free evacuation bag.
  • Crane operator to transport equipment and trailer up to turbine deck when necessary.
  • A large trash receptacle for dumping the dust bag and trash disposal.
  • Two 16'x16' sections of 1/2" (or greater) thickness of plywood, duct-taped at all edges and joints. (One section for blast cleaning and one section for inspection.
Lay-Out Pattern
  • Engineer needs to confer with crew leader on first set-up pattern prior to blast cleaning.
  • Once blast cleaning has begun, turbine blaster will need next set-up prepared before he finishes blast cleaning present set-up.
  • Simultaneous motion needs to be maintained during blasting procedure if adequate area space is available.
Set-Up Procedure
  • Trailing edges should be facing up to expedite blasting procedure.
  • If possible, all diaphragms should be in same direction so that blasters movements are kept at a minimum and abrasives concentrated on areas to be cleaned.
Blast Cleaning Rotors
  • During rotor blast cleaning, all journals need to be wrapped with polyethylene (plastic).
  • When all areas that can be reached by the blaster have been blast cleaned, the crane is needed to rotate the rotor.
  • If glass bead operations are to be done following oxide operations, the serrations should be taped off during the oxide operation for protection.
Blast Cleaning Shells
  • When the shells with insulation material are blast cleaned, the shells should be a part of the final operation, in order to minimize material waste and shipping cost.
  • Turbine Master inc requests that valve parts and packing, nuts, bolts, and washers also be included in the final operations whenever possible.
Vacuum Blasting
  • During vacuum blasting, lower halves must be sealed properly to maintain minimum oxide loss.
Bore Blasting
  • On completion of bore blast, it is to the customers benefit to have bore sonic inspection on site to approve bore sonic blast cleaning.
The above procedures have been established to prevent costly delay time from occurring, and to permit Turbine Master inc the opportunity to provide a thorough and expedient operation.  Because operations performed on turbine decks sometimes have problems, Turbine Master inc strives to remain flexible to meet our customers blast cleaning and non-destructive examination needs.

We appreciate your business and would sincerely welcome any suggestions which would be of mutual benefit.  We at Turbine Master inc strive to perform the blast cleaning and non-destructive examination operations on the job site in a professional and efficient manner.