These policies were created in January 1991 and are reviewed frequently for accuracy and quality assurance.
  • Personnel performing NDE will be qualified in accordance with ASNT SNT-TC-1A, latest revision.
  • Training, testing and certification will be performed by a certified Level III in accordance with SNT-TC-1A.
  • A grade of 70% will be required as a minimum passing grade on each section, with a composite grade of at least 80%.
  • Each person will be examined as follows:
  • The minimum number questions on each method will be to the SNT-TC-1A guidelines and more will be given if desired by the Level III administering the exams.
  • Vison acuity will be tested by a medically qualified person annually.
  • Color discrimination will be performed every 5 years by a  person qualified to administer the Ishihara Colour Deficiency Test.
  • Each person will be requalified as follows:
    • Level I, Level II, and Level III every 60 months
    • Technical performance evaluations are conducted periodically to review knowledge of written practice and continuing satisfactory technical performance.
  • Records of NDE personnel qualification will be on file at the employers main office.