Quality Management System

Quality System and Policy

Turbine Master, Inc. provides contained blast cleaning and non-destructive examination of turbine parts in power utilities across the Unites, States, Canada, and Mexico:  offering high quality, and const-effective labor and unparalleled experience in our fields.

The Quality System has been established for Turbine Master, Inc. to implement and fulfill the following Quality Policy:

Turbine Master, Inc. provides customer-focused solutions and furnishes customers with blast cleaning and non-destructive examination services that consistently meet or exceed commitments and customer expectations.

Document and Data Control
The Turbine Master, Inc. Quality System consists of:

  • Turbine Master, Inc. Manual - outlines the policies, processes, and responsibilities of the Turbine Master, Inc. Quality System.
  • Procedures - map out key processes, identify responsibilities, and establish process and quality/verification requirements where applicable.
  • Work Instructions - show how to perform specific tasks along with appropriate quality checks or verifications.
  • Forms - support the collection of information and data that are critical to the quality outcome of key processes.
Quality System documents are established, controlled, and maintained through procedures that provide guidelines for:
  • The format and structure of the documents that affect quality.
  • Thee process and responsibilities for the initiation, review, change, approval and release of quality system documents.
Control of Quality Records

Customer supplied and Turbine Master, Inc. business generated documents critical to business performance, quality and traceability are identified, stored, and maintained in accordance with established record retention requirements or special customer requirements.  Special customer requirements for the control of quality records should be established, agreed upon, and confirmed prior to the supply of any product or service.  These records may include, but are not limited to:
  • Proposals & Project/Job Information
  • Purchase Orders and Acknowledgements
  • Certifications
  • Drawings
  • Quality/Inspection Documentation
  • Data Sheets
  • Repair Authorizations
  • Final Reports
  • Financial Reports/Information

Management Responsibility

Management Responsibility and Commitment
The President and CEO and the Turbine Master, Inc. Management Team are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of customers and the quality of services and products provided.  The President and CEO and the Management Team utilize customer satisfaction feedback, auditing and review of Quality System effectiveness, to identify and act on the opportunities for continuous improvement.  The Management Team and Turbine Master, Inc. employees work to ensure that customer expectations and critical quality requirements, for their respective areas of responsibility, are appropriately communicated, understood, and successfully met.  The Turbine Master, Inc. Quality Management Team has responsibility for the overall effectiveness and maintenance of the Quality System business performance and customer satisfaction.

Resource Management

Resource Provision and Training
Turbine Master, Inc. management and labor personnel are comprised of industry experienced individuals who share the Turbine Master, Inc. commitment for customer satisfaction.   The Turbine Master, Inc. Management Team ensures employees have the necessary skills and experience, proper training or adequate oversight, along with the support and tools for the operations they perform.  Where appropriate, records of training are maintained.  Turbine Master, Inc. recognizes the importance of performing safe, quality work within the constraints of customers' schedules.  The safety and quality performance of Turbine Master, Inc's. work is regularly monitored and reviewed to identify areas needing further training and development.

Product/Service Realization

Contract Review
Work scope, resource, quality, commercial, and timeframe requirements of the services provided by Turbine Master, Inc. are established during the proposal and order execution processes.  Appropriate Turbine Master, Inc. personnel: review the customer requirements, determine how customer requirements can best be met; and respond with a proposal/quotation.  During this process, Turbine Master, Inc. and customers mutually agree upon the work scope, resources, quality, commercial, and timeframe requirements of the servies provided.

Suppliers may be used as requested by customers or as determined necessary by Turbine Master, Inc. to meet customer requirements.  Suppliers selected by Turbine Master, Inc. are used if evaluated and determined capable of meeting specified requirements.

Process Control
Key processes that affect quality are appropriately established, monitored or controlled, and verified to ensure requirements critical to quality are ment.  Key process performance is audited/reviewed to assure compliance and determine if improvement is required.  Records pertaining to the control and verification of key processes are maintained.

Control of Inspection, Measuring, and Test Equipment
All Turbine Master, Inc. inspection, measuring, and test equipment used to determine compliance with quality requirements is appropriately controlled, maintained, and calibrated in accordance with established procedures and instructions.  Should any Turbine Master, Inc. inspection, measuring, or test equipment be found to be out of calibration, the impact on affected product or service is immediately reviewed and appropriately addressed.

Inspection and Test Status
Quality Assurance checklists, along with forms used to collect critical data, are used to clearly indicate the status of inspected/verified work performed.  

Servicing is provided by Turbine Master, Inc. pursuant to mutually agreed upon requirements and specifications, as established through the proposal and purchase order.

Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement

Inspection and Testing
Unless otherwise specified by the customer, Turbine Master, Inc. will establish the inspection and/or process plans necessary to meet customer requirements including where applicable, the following elements:
  • All work performed, that is critical to quality, is verified for compliance with requirements.
  • Verification and disposition of quality is only performed by appropriately trained and/or experienced personnel.
Corrective and Preventive Action - Best Practices
As part of Turbine Master, Inc. continuous improvement process:  significant problems and non-conformances, or negative trends are identified and investigated to determine root cause and implement meaningful corrective and preventive action.  Investigation of the root cause is typically accomplished by the use of quality tools.  Corrective and preventive action may result in changes to the process and/or verification methods to assure the elimination of a recurrence.  Summaries of the quality issue, it's root cause analysis, and the resulting corrective and preventive action are communicated to those affected.

Where applicable, "Best Practices" are also identified and shared.  This allows improvements and innovations developed through the initiative of those closely involved with a process to be shared so others performing similar processes may benefit.

Customer Satisfaction, Quality Audits and Assessments
Turbine Master, Inc. is committed to the satisfaction of their customers and actively seeks customer feedback on performance and opportunities for improvement.  This information is obtained through Customer Satisfaction Surveys and direct customer feedback.  The effectiveness of the Turbine Master, Inc. Quality System is also monitored by the internal Quality Audits of key projects and operations.  These audits verify quality and performance as well as identify areas fro improvement and best pactices.  The results of the customer Satisfaction Surveys and Quality Audits are shared with the President and CEO and the Management Team to review results and to identify and take action regarding areas for improvement.