Turbine Master, inc mobilizes crews throughout the continental United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.  We realize a turbine outage is very important and request each customer to communicate to us the efficiency of the crew sent to their site.  Customer feedback on completed jobs are vital for continued business relationships.  Noted below are just a few of the customer comments we receive.  If you would like a complete list of references, please notify us.  Thank you 

November 2019 - Rene Jucker, GE
"One of the best experiences in my 30+ years career."

November 2019 - Matthew Beuligmann, Duke Energy
"Most efficient sand blasting crew we have ever used."

November 2019 - Roy Hayes, GE
"Turbine Master continues to inspect the equipment in a timely manner helping us to meet our customer commitment and I will continue to use your services in the future"

April 2019 - Calby Pflager, Siemens
"Turbine Master fulfilled all of Siemens needs in a professional and prompt manner.  Additionally, Turbine Master delivered high quality dustblast work on all of the components.  I have no suggestions to offer at this time."

April 2019 - Rick Taylor, Xcel Energy
"NDE crew did a fine job and gave a complete report as always.  In 25 years of having your company on sites, I still recommend Turbine Master for blasting and NDE"

November 2018 - Angelo Lisojo, MD&A
"It is always a pleasure to work with Mike.  Mike did a good job explaining and demonstrating Turbine Master's NDE process.  He was also quick to remedy the situation when NDE inspections of the turbine diaphragms were in question."

November 2015 - Michael Acquafresca, Airco Power
"Crew did an excellent job.  Quality of the blasting and time to complete each job was very good.  Very little explanation or supervision from our side was needed.  Told them what was required and it got done"

March 2015 - Dustin Verville, TurbinePros
"The guys had great attitudes and went above and beyond to help us get the job done."

May 2014 - Travis Sasser, GE
"The guys did a great job and worked well with our team.  Safety is our number one priority and the TM crew understands that."

December 2013 - Scott. Bouchard, Siemens Demag
"I was pleased with the work ethic and quality of work completed with both Kody and Marcus, from the time they showed up until they left.   Completed the scope of work and additional work in a timely manner."

December 2013 - Phil Rhodes, MD&A
"I thought the NDE crew was excellent." 

October 2013 - Taylor Brown, Siemens
"Best dustblast crew I have worked with yet.  Both had great attitudes and ensured blasting met my expectations."

April 2013 - Jeff Hogge, TurbinePros
"Could not have asked for better.  Becky and Phyllis did a great job.  They were given compliments from the customer."

May 2012 - Bob Fischer, Alstom Power
"Randy and Bryan did an outstanding job for us during the Lakeroad project.  They were always looking ahead at the work to be done.  They were flexible with their schedule to support the project and completed all tasks in a timely manner.  They followed all safety rules and maintained a quality job.  I would welcome them back on any project I was involved in."

May 2012 - John Hackman, Siemens Energy
"I am writing this email to give a short review of the crew we had at Cholla this year.  In short - Becky is the best blast tech we have ever worked with period.  That is coming from myseIf - Project Manager on the job, Bart Williams - CLS, and Steve Spangler - Customer Representative.  More specifically, the work ethic, quality of workmanship, interpersonal skills, and overall interaction while onsite was outstanding.  I'm sure you already know of this, but on my end I believe it is worth putting reviews like this in writing.  I am going to request her for every outage I run from now on."

April 2012 - John Corelis, Excel Energy
"Ray did a good job.  He has been one of the best people that you have sent to Jones.  He completed his work timely and with very minimal rework."

April 2012 - Robert Robinson, Alstom Power
"A good crew that did what was asked.  Thanks for the help."

April 2012 - Jeremiah Perryman, GE
"Thanks for the help and especially on short notice, your members were great to work with."

May 2010 - Dave Bowman, Wood Group
"Turbine Master Inc has been Wood Group HIT, LP's sand blast and NDE vendor of choice since 2003.  They have provided excellent service and quality personnel on all projects performed for WGHIT."